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When was the last time your baby slept through the night? If you are wondering what you can do about it, you've come to the right place!

With my expertise and experience as a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant, the recommendations I'll be sharing will depend on your child's age, personality, and sleeping habits, so the best way to get started is by telling me more about your little one.

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Mummies and daddies,
Do these sound familiar to you ?

Baby cries and refuse to sleep during bedtime

Baby cries and refuse to sleep during naptime and bedtime

Baby wakes up multiple times every night for night feeds

Baby wakes up multiple times for night feeds

Baby wakes up easily and can’t go back to sleep alone

Your mood, relationship with your partner, and work are affected

Baby Sleep

Risks of Poor Sleep for Babies and Toddlers

When you help your children get good sleep, you’re protecting them from these health and developmental risks.

Weak Immune System

Weak Immune System

Sleep-deprived children may be more prone to infection, illness, and stress.

Growth & Weight Issues

Growth & Weight Issues

Sleep-deprived children may grow slower than their peers and more likely to be overweight.

Poor Focus & Slow Learning

Poor Focus & Slow Learning

Sleep-deprived children may find it hard to focus and take longer to master new skills and knowledge.

I’m here to help!

Hi! I’m Leann, a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant, and my job is to get your children to sleep through the night! My goal is to empower and equip parents with personalised plans and support to teach your children to go to sleep independently.

As a sleep-deprived parent turned sleep consultant, I am certain that I can help you achieve the good sleep that you and your little one sorely need.

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How I help your baby (and you!) sleep better

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Sleep consulting service works

How my sleep consulting service works?

Gift your little ones the good sleep that they deserve,

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