Signs My Toddler Needs Sleep Training

Signs My Toddler Needs Sleep Training - Sleepy Bubba

Have you heard of sleep training? It is a fairly modern concept said to have started in the 1980s, with its focus being training a baby or toddler to sleep independently. 

Now, it is not a mandatory practice, and in fact, till today, plenty have yet to so much as hear about it. So, you may wonder, if you have not heard about it, and if the people around you have not practised it, does your toddler need it? 

Well, it really depends on your family situation. If whatever you are doing now works, there is no need to change anything. But if you face some hiccups here and there, or if your toddler exhibits signs of difficulty in sleeping, trying out sleep training could be helpful in overcoming that. Ideally, it should be done with a certified baby sleep consultant or toddler sleep consultant in Singapore. However, before you take that plunge, come and learn about why sleep training may be needed, and what the signs are.

Why sleep training may be needed?

As mentioned before, sleep training aims to help a young child fall asleep independently. And this means sleeping restfully throughout the night and without props. It brings a more systematic approach in introducing and maintaining routine to both child and parents, while aiding in deep, undisturbed sleep particularly for the former.

Is my toddler too young or too old for sleep training?

Generally, the recommended age to start sleep training is when a baby is between 4-6 months. This is by no means an absolute as it is possible to start later. Even at the age of 2 or 3, when a baby has transitioned to toddler status, it is still possible to sleep train. There is no age limit when it comes to sleep training. However, the older we get, the harder it is to sleep train.

Common signs that my toddler needs sleep training

The following examples are 3 common signs that a toddler may need sleep training. They are not hard and fast rules, nor are they limited to just these 3, but they are good indicators for the need for sleep training.

Sign 1: Toddler wakes up frequently during the night

It is very unhealthy to have interrupted sleep, especially at night when we are meant to have deep sleep. If a toddler keeps waking up during the night, he is not well-rested. And when he does not have deep enough sleep which will affect his growth and development. This can also lead to him being hyperactive or cranky during wake times. If your toddler undergoes sleep training, he will gradually learn to link his sleep cycles, stop waking up frequently during the night, and wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested.

Sign 2: Toddler has irregular sleep patterns

Everyone has different sleeping patterns. That being said, if everyday brings a different sleep pattern, it can be very draining for both parents and toddler because of the messy sleep times, because this would mean patterns like these:-

  • sometimes your toddler sleeps longer, but sometimes he sleeps for shorter periods
  • sometimes your toddler wakes up more often, but sometimes he does not
  • sometimes it takes longer for your toddler to fall asleep, but sometimes he drifts off very quickly

Now, with sleep training, it will help to introduce a routine that incorporates simplicity and regularity.

Sign 3: Toddler is dependent on parents or props to fall asleep

Props aren’t inherently bad, but if your toddler is too reliant on it, it can be a problem. The same goes for parents. If your toddler relies too much on you in order to fall asleep, which is a type of prop as well, that poses quite a big issue. That is because props can be overstimulating at times, whether it is toys, a pacifier, or the simple action of rocking your toddler to sleep. With sleep training, it can help to remove unnecessary props.


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You can never be too young or too old to start sleep training. Not only does it help boost sleep quality, it improves our overall mood and health as well. As adults, it may be easier for us to understand how we can fall asleep independently and go back to sleep if we wake up in the middle of the night. But when it comes to babies and toddlers, more often than not, it is a guessing game. Which is why you should opt for toddler sleep family plan packages should you wish to try out sleep training with an expert or a certified toddler sleep consultant in Singapore. So, if you think that is the direction for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me for a FREE 15 minute discovery call.


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