Things To Prepare Before Sleep Training

Things To Prepare Before Sleep Training - Sleepy Bubba

So, you are thinking about sleep training your baby but have no idea how to go about it. What exactly does it entail? And what do you need to prepare for it? 

For someone new, sleep training can be difficult as it requires effort. Because if it is not done correctly, it can result in a confusing outcome. There are many reasons as to why parents might be interested in baby sleep training. For one, it aids in a baby’s sleep, and that is what we want for our little ones; getting restful sleep and sleeping more independently through the night.

It is always good to be prepared. And should you sign up for infant sleep family plan packages, the sleep consultant will guide you along the way. But before you take the plunge, perhaps you would like to know where to start. So, let’s take a look at what you can do to prepare before sleep training your baby.

1. Make sure everyone is on board and supportive

It is very important to have everyone in your baby’s life to understand what it takes to sleep train. Both parents, the nanny, other family members living under the same roof—everyone involved. After all, when everyone understands and is on board, it creates a healthy environment of support, and it is easier on the baby as well, so there is no confusion or differing opinions and routine.

2. Make sure baby is cleared to start 

Baby’s health is the number 1 priority. Even if parents are planning for sleep training, it is still a no-go if their baby is not ready. So, no matter what the plan is, checking with the paediatrician would be the best to make sure there are no underlying medical or health issues that could be causing sleep problems. And if your baby is on medication, check to see if that could be a cause as well.

3. Track baby’s sleep

Before jumping into sleep training head-on, it is a good idea to keep a sleep log for your baby. After all, if you do not know what is going with your little one and his responses when it is time to sleep, it can be difficult to formulate a proper plan. Now, with a sleep log, it will help give you a better idea of your baby’s sleeping behaviour. It can be about anything related to your baby’s sleep such as how often he wakes up at night, and whether you nursed or rocked him to sleep. Once you have a few days of information at least, you just might spot a pattern that could tell you more than you think.

4. Start a bedtime routine

Sleep training is all about routine. It creates a situation where the baby would know that it is time for bed. Ideally, it should start around 30 minutes before bedtime, so that it is a gradual process. You could prepare a dark environment or enjoy low-stimulating activities with your baby such as having a warm bath, singing lullabies, reading stories, or even simply turning on the white noise machine. By doing this, you will find out what your baby’s response is to those activities. You can then adjust the routine little by little depending on how effective the steps are at getting your baby to nod off.

5. Useful products

Toys, fluffy pillows, puffy sheets—all these can cause suffocation. When it comes to sleep training, less is more. But that does not mean that the baby should be left bare. Instead, get ready some useful products like a sleep sack or swaddle, comfy pyjamas, a white noise machine, blackout curtains, and a cot with fitted cot sheets can help get your baby comfortable for bed, and also support and smoothen the process or transition to sleep training.

Conclusion – Should I sign up for newborn sleep family plan packages?

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All of the above will be helpful if you decide to sleep train. In fact, the information you gathered from the sleep log would be helpful to your consultant as well, should you opt to sign up for newborn sleep family plan packages. But before you go hunting for baby sleep consultant prices, why not have a FREE 15 minute discovery call with me, Leann, here at Sleepy Bubba, so I can provide answers to your questions and worries during the consultation. Then, with answers in hand, you will be able to make the correct judgement for your little one.


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