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Having a baby who sleeps through the night, falls asleep on his own, and has long-hour naps is no longer just a dream. It can be your reality! As a certified sleep consultant, I can help you identify the problems and guide you to work in the right direction so that you can see the result within 2 weeks (sometimes as fast as 3 days).

Woman facing a baby

Is your baby not sleeping enough due to these struggles?

  • Frequent night wakings
  • Taking short, irregular naps
  • Difficulty settling down to sleep
  • Require rocking / feeding / pacifier to fall asleep

Does the following best describe your state?

Are you and your baby not sleeping enough due to these struggles?

Baby cries and refuse to sleep during bedtime

Experiencing “Baby blues” that last for more than two weeks

Baby wakes up multiple times every night for night feeds

Physically and mentally exhausted

Baby wakes up easily and can’t go back to sleep alone

Feeling helpless & clueless on how to provide the best care for your baby

Baby wakes up multiple times every night for night feeds

Feeling stressed about your child’s well beings

And, is this what's going through your mind?

Baby Sleep

Are jealous of other parent for having babies who can sleep through the night?

Take Control Life

Want to take back some control of your life.


Don’t want to do the guesswork anymore!

If you have concerns about sleep training your baby, such as:

  • Can I still breastfeed if I want to sleep train my baby?
  • What if my baby goes to an infant care center?
  • What if I have other caregivers during the day?

Don't let these concerns hold you back from giving your child the rest they need.
I can discuss your unique situation and provide personalized advice to help your family get the sleep you need.

Hi parents, I am Leann!

I am your certified baby sleep consultant. My goal is to empower and equip parents with personalised plans and support to teach their children to go to sleep independently.

As a sleep-deprived parent turned sleep consultant, I am certain that I can help you achieve the good sleep that you and your little one sorely need.

Talk to me, find out how we can change your life for the better.

Leann Low

How do I help?

By crafting a personalised plan and providing support that is best for you, your baby, and your family, I will make sure you know what you are doing and guide you in getting closer to and eventually achieving what you want.

Why Choose Me To Be Your Consultant?


Science-backed education and tools with clear guidance and lessons from experienced mums to help you make confident decisions.


Customised sleep plans tailored to your lifestyle, environment and baby, with room for adaptability to suit your baby's evolving needs.


100% success rate (goals achieved) when plans are followed thoroughly. Prompt and principled responses to your concerns and questions give parents the confidence to follow through.

See what other parents have achieved

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Packages I have for you



< 3 months

Establish good sleep hygiene and healthy habits from the beginning.

Establish good sleep hygiene and healthy habits from the beginning.



4 - 24 months

Teach your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep independently, during the night and naps.

Teach your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep independently, during the night and naps.



2 - 5 years old

It’s never too late for them to make changes and build good sleep habits.

It’s never too late for them to make changes and build good sleep habits.

What will your baby achieve?

  • Lesser night wakings
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Falling asleep without rocking/patting/feeding
  • Falling asleep without a pacifier
  • A predictable whole-day schedule
  • No more cat naps
  • No more fussing to sleep
  • Falling back to sleep on his own
  • Waking up happily, eating well & playing well

How about you
(and your family)?

  • Restful day and night
  • More time to focus on your work
  • Quality time with your spouse
  • Precious me-time
  • Predictable schedule
  • Better bonding with your child(ren)
Happy Family

The earlier you start, the easier it is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I believe it is good to start setting up healthy sleep habits as early as you can since day 1. You can go with the flow and yet still provide a good structure and routine in place for your baby. Your baby needs the right foundation in place when it comes to feeding and sleeping.

When is the right time to sleep train depends on you really. When are you ready to get back your precious sleep not just for you but also for your baby? Every day that you delay, your baby will accumulate more sleep debts with broken night sleep and catnapping and your baby will get more overtired, cranky and just waking up crying and frustrated with the lack of sleep. As long as your child is healthy, you can start at any time.

No. The “cry-it-out” method works like this:
Step 1: Put your child to bed.
Step 2: Walk away.
Step 3: Let your child scream, cry, howl etc. until your child is asleep.

Now, while the CIO method does work, most parents simply aren’t comfortable with it. I don’t think a parent’s brain is “wired” to listen to the hysterical crying of their children without doing something to comfort them!

That said, you should make peace with the fact that your child will probably cry during the process, because it is normal to protest. As the baby sleep specialist Singapore, I will teach you how to implement an age appropriate routine/schedule such that the protest and crying will significantly diminish.

There will come a beautiful day your child will happily go to sleep without protest and wake up happy and well rested! Trust me. It will happen. The whole reason why we are doing this is so your baby will cry less and sleep more and overall be a happier well rested child!

Babies sleep consultant price varies based on your child’s age and the service provided. Here at Sleepy Bubba, I offer sleep consulting plans ranging from $160 for the Ask-Me-Anything Session, to $850 for the Comprehensive Plan. Learn more about the package price and details here.